Planting Services


Planting is a natural organic method to adding beauty to the home or business. Planting also comes with so many benefits. Having plants around the property helps maintain improved air quality and attracts Mother Nature’s wonderful critters, all the while increasing our mood and energy. Selecting the right plants to attract bees is sure to help other plant growth. Bees are pollinators and transport the stuff other plants need to grow and mature into beautiful flowers. Many don’t realize but there is more to planting than just adding appeal and attracting Nature’s little friends. As we learn more about the earth and raise our awareness we have found there are great benefits to planting with local plants. The benefits can be huge! By using local plants maintenance in the form of pest control can be reduced. Local plants have adapted to local pests and produce a natural defense against unwanted critters, this can save money and help the environment. Local plants also have adapted to the local rainfall and don’t always require contestant watering, helping you save on your water bill.

Trees and shrubbery is another great form of planting. Either or can be used to provide a natural form of privacy while looking great. Using trees and shrubbery to isolate your property won’t come will painting a fence every couple of years, or having to look at a rusted damaged fence. Selecting the right spot for a tree or shrub can also provide shade for summer time activities, keeping you and your family cool in the warm months.

Another thing to consider when planting a tree or shrub is what kind. Keep in mind there are seasonal trees and shrubs. For example you could plant an Evergreen that will maintain is leaves all year round. This will reduce the amount that needs to be raked come fall and keep natural beauty through all seasons. Though a Deciduous many loose its leaves they are part of the local environment, and part of a natural process. A Deciduous looks gorgeous in the spring, summer, and colorful in the fall. In the winter it loses its leaves conserving water, again reducing its impact on your wallet. Squirrels and other critters love playing on, around, and in deciduous trees. They also find it a great place to live adding to that natural feel around your property.