Lawn Care Services


Fertilizer can be a tremendous benefit to caring for your lawn. Applying fertilizer several times a year is beneficial to the health of plants. The application helps the grass develop stronger roots helping it withstand the stress from foot traffic and Mother Nature, who will throw periods of extreme cold, heat, drought, and flooding. We recommend the application of fertilizer in the spring, summer, and fall. The best time to tend the lawn is spring when the plants are growing and preparing for a new summer season.


Aeration is a form of lawn care maintenance many people pass over or are simply unaware of. It is recommended the lawn be aerated closer to the summer months when the grass is peaking in its strength and can heal quickly. The process of aeration is penetrating the grass and soil to allow for nutrients and water to better reach the roots.


Seeding is a great way to cover up patches of light growth, damaged grass, or no grass at all. The best time to employ seeding is towards the end of summer and early fall. Seeding is inexpensive method to repair and care of the lawn.


Although cutting the lawn may seem straight forward there are some things to consider before starting. Most importantly is the height to which the grass will be cut. Cutting large amounts of grass at once will leave a lot of clippings which should be removed from the lawn. It is recommended that cutting is done frequently where smaller amounts of clippings are produced. When smaller amounts of clippings are produced the lawn benefits from the nutrients that are added back from the decaying matter. Again, frequent cutting of the lawn is key. A well cut lawn is a classy lawn your neighbors will envy.

Trimming and Edging

In addition to cutting you will want to have your lawn trimmed and edged. This is to add the final touches that sharpens the lawn. Trimming is done to get those hard to reach places the lawn mower was unable to reach, around trees, mailbox posts, fences, etc. Edging is done along the harder surfaces such as the driveway, street, and sidewalk.

Sod Installation

Sod is grass that has been grown on a farm for quality where it is sectioned and rolled for installation. This is an alternative to seeding or when establishing a new lawn. This is a more expensive solution to lawn repair and growth. The benefit to installing sod is the consistency of grass and how quickly it can be installed.